"One Piece" Episode 1029 will take fans back in time to see a glimpse of Luffy and Uta's past. Viewers are about to witness how these two met, with the bonus appearance of the fan-favorite red-haired pirate, Shanks.

Luffy and Uta are believed to have met as kids. So, with Shanks' appearance, will the viewers also see how these two know each other in "One Piece" Episode 1029?

SportsKeeda noted Utah might have something to do with how Luffy and Shanks met. With this look at the past, fans may also get more information about Shanks' earlier life.

The series puts the fight between Kaido and Luffy to a pause to give fans more details about "One Piece Film: Red" characters now that the film has been released in Japan. In fact, their battle may be in a break for two weeks as another tie-in episode about the movie is coming.

Though it upsets fans, considering they're all waiting to see Luffy unveiling his Gear V mode, they still hope "One Piece" Episode 1029 will be as interesting as the previous episodes. Anyhow, with these new details about some of the most loved characters, it may manage to fulfill fans' expectations.

Meanwhile, "One Piece" Episode 1028 saw Big Mom using a part of her soul to create a new Homie, per Coming Soon. She threw it and transformed the thundercloud in the sky.

She then launched a powerful attack on Killer and Kid using her new Homie. Though the two survived, they were brought to a different part of the castle with its strength.

Elsewhere, Page One chased Tama, Usopp and Nami, who ran to the Live Floor. Nami and Usopp did their best to slow Page One with their weapons, but they failed.

They then tried to get Page One off Komachiyo. Kid and Killer were inside the castle, while Big Mom was on the lower ground, looking for the former.

The two went to Big Mom's location but encountered Hawkins and his men along the way. Killer decided to face Hawkins and let Kid escape to go to Big Mom.

Killer and Hawkins started to fight off each other. The scene then shifted to the rooftop, where Kaido and Luffy battled.

Kaido told Luffy it was a waste that the latter refused to join his side. Luffy vowed he would never be part of the Beast Pirates with his love for the Samurai.

Luffy remembered his experiences and Hyogoro's teachings as he prepared to attack Kaido. Their Color of the Supreme Haki clashed as the two began to strike each other.

Though Luffy hadn't touched Kaido yet, his attack had successfully hit him. What happens next will be seen when "One Piece" Episode 1029 is out on Saturday, August 13.