Song Hye Kyo is continuously working hard for her home country of South Korea, collaborating once again with Professor Seo Kyung Duk to commemorate the Korean independence movement. The lecturer announced on Monday, August 15, that they donated a relief sculpture of Kim Kyu Suk to the Republic of Korea's temporary government in Chong Qing, China, on National liberation day.

Song Hye Kyo and Seo Kyung Duk have been working together for the past 11 years. AllKpop noted Song Joong Ki's former wife is serving as the sponsor, while the professor is the director.

The pair often makes donations to many institutions. In fact, they have already donated Korean guidebooks and sculptures to 31 international historical sites to honor the independence movement.

Back in August 2021, the two also donated 10,000 copies of history guides, "Story of Our History Overseas - New York Edition," to the Korean Cultural Center in New York. The move also happened on Liberation Day.

News Directory reported the guide was produced as part of the campaign to donate it to the history of the Korean independence movement by cities around the world. At the time, it was the sixth donation they had made after Shanghai, Tokyo and Paris.

The books were in English and Korean. It also introduced the history of the independence movement in New York in the easiest way to understand so that people of all ages can relate.

In addition, it also explained the sites of the March 1st Movement in New York (Town Hall), the New York District Hall of the Korean National Association, the Korean Church in New York, the New York International House and the Mount Olivet Cemetery in detail with photos.

In a statement, Song Hye Kyo's partner in this effort said that the foreigners are also interested to know Korean history, thanks to the influence of the Korean wave. That said, he wanted to help overseas Koreans and international students to learn more about the history of the independence movement in New York.

However, as the situation of the relics of the independence movement that remains in the international country is not in good condition, Seo Kyung Duk said it's the best time to pay more attention to it.

At the time, Korean guidebooks, Hangeul signs and relief works had already been donated to 28 places at the relics of the Korean independence movement overseas. This was all thanks to Seo Kyung Duk's planning and Song Hye Kyo's efforts for more than a decade, which happens every historic anniversary.