Despite the COVID-19 pandemic's enduring impacts, the federal government has not authorized a fourth stimulus check. But the good news is that states are stepping up, and reports of extra direct payments being made to bank accounts are becoming more regular. In fact, about half of all states have either paid out or will shortly pay out money.

What Stimulus Checks Am I Eligible For?

Per The Ascent via MSN, New York and Pennsylvania lawmakers recently indicated that extra stimulus funds will be given soon. In New York, Governor Kathy Hochul and state legislative leaders announced that 1.75 million residents across the state will receive a $270 payment. In Pennsylvania, Governor Tom Wolf announced unexpected stimulus checks of up to $1,657.50.

These are only two of many recent examples of states deciding to offer assistance to individuals in need. This has grown so frequent as a result of the American Rescue Plan Act, which provided states with billions of dollars in federal money. That was the measure passed into law by President Joe Biden shortly after taking office in March 2021, which offered $1,400 stimulus checks to people around the country.

Hawaii will give out rebates in numerous batches in the following days, but there is a deadline at the end of the year. Single taxpayers with an adjusted gross income of less than $100,000 will each get $300.

Meanwhile, Missouri citizens might collect tax refunds for gasoline purchased between October 2021 and June 2022, depending on the amount spent. Drivers who make a claim may be eligible for up to $15 to $20 in gas refunds during that time period.

Alaska residents will only have to wait a little longer to receive their direct payments meant to help with the rising costs of everyday items. According to the state, the approved direct checks will provide state residents with a payment of up to $3,284, thanks to a provision in Alaska's annual budget passed by the state legislature earlier this year, along with the annual dividend distribution from the Permanent Fund Dividend.

Stimulus checks will be delivered beginning on September 20 for individuals who chose direct deposit payments and beginning the week of October 3 for those who selected paper checks.

What About Federal Stimulus Payments?

According to 1945, the prospect of a stimulus check existed, but it would not occur for a long period. The uproar began in February, when a fraudulent allegation was spread on social media. The rumor said that President Joe Biden had authorized a fourth stimulus check, but this was swiftly debunked. The ease with which the story spread demonstrated that Americans were in urgent need of financial aid.

As a result of inflation, food and gasoline have become prohibitively costly for many Americans. Some lawmakers were planning on another stimulus package to help those in need in 2021. According to the White House press secretary at the time, Congress was responsible for developing a strategy. She went on to say that the stimulus checks were "not free."

This showed that it might not be financially feasible. At the end of the day, no fourth stimulus check was authorized, and no reason has been given for anybody to believe one would be. This is not to say it will never happen. The presidential election in 2024 is one major forthcoming event that might result in a stimulus check. Seventy-nine percent of those who voted favored the concept of extra $1,400 payment for those earning $75,000 or less. The plan was supported by 91% of Democrats and 67% of Republicans.

This suggests that a fourth stimulus check might be a method for the Biden Administration to get votes. The problem is that it may not be practicable while the Federal Reserve works to correct an overheated economy. A fourth stimulus check might also be issued if a recession occurs. This is because, historically, stimulus checks are given during a recession. This happened during the 2008 recession, thus the checks being issued during the pandemic were not the first time this had occurred, FingerLakes1 reported.