Every year, Apple releases a slew of handsets with newer features as compared to their predecessors. Better cameras, improved processors, and so on, that make upgrading to the newer handsets worth spending money on.

Now that the new iPhone 14 is out, those who are looking to get one should have good enough reasons –parting with their old device and spending their money –in order to get the new smartphone. CNet notes that upgrading to Apple's new smartphone might not be for everyone, but it's still a "good upgrade for most people."

Here are a few reasons consumers should consider before getting the new iPhone 14.

It looks and feels "familiar"

The new iPhone 14, which is an improved model on last year's iPhone 13, offers something every smartphone user would like: familiarity. It has the same Ceramic Shield, the same notch at the top of the screen, and the same flat-sided matte-finished aluminum.

The new handset, per CNet, weighs 17% lighter than the iPhone 14 Pro, which means it's easier to hold and use for longer. It is also IP68 rated for water and dust resistance, allowing it to be used near water. It's not completely waterproof, however.

One thing buyers in the U.S. will notice, however, is that the new model doesn't have a SIM trayHi. This is due to the fact that Apple opted to move the device away from using physical SIM cards.

New safety features

The new iPhone 14 features Crash Detection, which could potentially save lives in a road accident, as well as satellite connectivity, which allows users to send messages even when cell towers are far away and cellular signals are spotty.

These two features, when combined, will be helpful to those who are always on the road and are traveling long distances.

Subtle but Impactful changes

While the iPhone 14 looks largely the same as the iPhone 13, with its flat sides made of aluminum, it does feature some changes that have long-term effects.

For one, its innards have been redesigned so that it is better able to dissipate the heat it produces while being used. Also, this redesign allows the iPhone 14's glass back to be repaired more easily and at lower costs.

Better Cameras

The iPhone 14 boasts better cameras compared to the iPhone 13, in both hardware and software. The main camera has a larger sensor, and a new lens with a faster aperture. This is coupled with Apple's new "Photonic Engine" which is designed to improve image quality, even when they are captured in a dark environment.

Get it or not?

These are but some of the things consumers can expect to find in the new iPhone 14. Whether they are worth spending a minimum of $799 for, minus trade-in credits if any, depends on the buyer.