Apple has announced that it will be releasing a fix for a major problem increasingly reported among users of third-party apps, sources have said.

According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, the Cupertino tech giant is currently working on a software update that will hopefully address a bug causing problems in the new iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max's rear camera, particularly when the said devices are used with third-party apps

Previous reports indicate that when users of the new handsets use camera features from apps such as SnapChat, TikTok, Facebook and Instagram, the new iPhone models make rattling noises. Per MacRumors, those who used such apps report that the rear camera's main lens "vibrate uncontrollably," producing shaky images and videos.

It is speculated that this uncontrollable shaking is due to the optical image stabilization (OIS) hardware, used in the new devices, malfunctioning. Apple's second-generation OIS technology is meant to help users produce photos and videos that are less blurry even when they are taken while on the move.

The technology uses a gyroscope to correct shaking and hand motion so that the camera can take in more light sans the blur that naturally results when images are captured while moving. This gyroscope, per Ars Technica, is what's likely causing the problems when used with the third-party apps.

How bad is it?

In a video, a certain YouTuber named Luke Miani, who was testing some iPhone 14 Pro Max units, shared that the uncontrollable shaking badly affected the main lens on one of the devices' rear cameras, rendering it unable to focus properly even in succeeding uses. The camera was also unable to focus properly even when the iPhone's own Camera app was used.

The busted camera, as Miani called it, is unable to produce the videos that Apple hoped. Per the YouTuber, Twitter user @DongleBookPro was able to capture "some real gems" using the affected camera.

What to do?

Apple has promised that it will fix the problem in the coming days, so users are advised to stay put and simply avoid using the camera features of the above-mentioned third-party apps while the update hasn't been released yet.

Using third-party apps' camera features could cause the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max's OIS gyroscope to grind for longer periods, which could result to even bigger problems. Those who want to upload photos and videos to third-party apps can use the iPhone's built-in Camera app instead.