Google is slated to release its new wearable, the Pixel Watch, later this year. While details about the new device and its smartphone counterpart, the Pixel 7, have been leaked for some time now, the actual selling price hasn't been revealed yet.

A new report from 9to5Google, however, claims to have discovered the price that consumers need to expect to pay for when the Pixel Watch starts being sold in stores.

According to a "retail source" speaking with the outlet, Google is planning on selling the new Pixel Watch starting at $349.99 for the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth model. This is confirmed by the news outlet, which previously claimed last month that the new Google wearable could start selling for $399.99 apiece.

Pricing wars

The outlet noted that the Pixel Watch's prices are a bit more expensive as compared to other smartwatch brands. Samsung's Galaxy Watch 5, for example, starts $279 for the 40mm model and $309 for the 44mm model.

The prices are even more worth noting especially as the Pixel Watch are said to feature a chip from 2018 and a small battery, whereas Samsung's offerings feature newer technologies such as a higher capacity battery, WearOS 3 and a sapphire display.

Consumers in Europe should also be prepared to shell out a bit more compared to their U.S. counterparts as the prices for Pixel Watch models in the U.K. could be just as expensive or even more expensive than those sold in America.

That said, details are not yet final and actual prices could be different once the device is released into the market.

Variety of colors

Also according to the same retail source, the Pixel Watch will come in a variety of colors depending on the model. The Wi-Fi/Bluetooth model will come in three colorways: Black case with Obsidian band, Silver case with Chalk band, and Gold case with Hazel band.

The LTE model, on the other hand, will come in a Black case with Obsidian band, a Silver case with Charcoal band, and a Gold case with Hazel band.

It's worth noting that the obsidian color is simply black, chalk is an off-white color, and charcoal is dark gray. 9To5Google notes that Google is working on an "extensive collection" of bands that could be used with the Pixel Watch.

These bands could include a Milanese-style band similar to what Apple has for the Apple Watch, and link bracelets similar to those solid metal bands used on watches from popular brands Omega and Rolex. Google might also release different leather bands for the Pixel Watch.

Those who are worried that these bands could cause the price to skyrocket can instead opt to get fabric and/or stretch bands, both of which are meant to sell for less than other styles.