IU's recent solo concert, "The Golden Hour: Under the Orange Sun," was a great success, despite an ongoing issue that some staff is selling their shirts for a high price. Almost a week after the event, the idol talks about the successful occasion and the meaning behind its title.

"The Golden Hour" was held last weekend, from September 17 to 18. Aside from being a successful event, IU also made a new record for being the first Korean female artist to hold a solo concert at Jamsil Olympic Stadium, known as one of the biggest performance venues in South Korea.

However, IU confessed on her YouTube talk show "IU's Palette," via AllKpop, that it would be the first and the last time she would hold a concert at the Jamsil Olympic Stadium. She also told her special guest, Crush, why she decided to pick "The Golden Hour" as the concert's name.

"There were many times I was loved and all but, in a way - from the perspective of singer IU - this will be the most [sic] shiniest moment," she explained. "So I decided to call it 'The Golden Hour.'"

With that said, Crush believed IU's all life is "The Golden Hour." Meanwhile, amid the heaps of praise the event received, its staff was met with criticisms after news emerged that they were selling their concert t-shirts with a huge price tag.

About 1,400 staff worked together to make the concert possible, considering it was a large-scale performance with around 80,000 spectators attending in two days. With those numbers, the staff members were given an IU shirt made by New Balance to easily distinguish them from the viewers.

However, when the two-day concert was finished, the limited edition IU t-shirts were found to be resold in the resale market from a whopping price of 150,000 KRW or $106.75 to 200,000 KRW or $142.33. The staff is reportedly eyeing IU's fandom, taking advantage of the K-pop star's fame.

Amid this claim, her agency, Edam Entertainment, said they had tried to recover all the staff's shirts to prevent this situation from happening. But it finds it hard to locate the whereabouts of the 1,400 staff members.

So to solve the problem, some fans suggest that the company should make the said shirt official merchandise later so that everyone can buy it at a reasonable price. Sadly, Edam Entertainment revealed it's quite impossible to produce new merchandise for the concert due to the schedule.