"Black Clover" Chapter 339 spoilers have dropped major updates about the Hino Country subarc. It also hints at the much-awaited start of Asta's training under one of the Ryuzen Seven Ichika, who happens to be Yami's younger sister.

Warning: The following content contains major "Black Clover" Chapter 339 spoilers. Read at your own risk.

The initial spoilers reveal the new chapter will begin after Ichika's fight against the bandits. Bystanders call Asta a foreigner due to his hair color.

The scene then changes to Liebe's reappearance, and he has the same scar on his chest as Asta. Asta shows an incredible joy to see his partner healthy and happy, and Liebe also feels the same.

"Black Clover" Chapter 339 introduces Fumito Mikuriya, a "recovery healing genius" who helps Liebe regain his full health. Asta asks Ryuya how he can return to the Clover Kingdom, but the latter tells him he can't win against Lucius in his current condition.

This makes Asta realize he can't protect Sister Lily, let alone save her. Ichika then enters the scene and slaps Asta, saying she doesn't care if he dies and he's only alive because Ryuya and Mikuriya save him and Liebe.

The training begins, but Asta continuously doubts if he can be strong after failing to save Sister Lily. He later regains his confidence and thanks Ichika. He also asks for her help, stressing he can also be strong.

Asta then withers away a bamboo that grows on "youroku," a part of the sorcery power system. With his anti-magic, everyone, including Ichika, is amazed and surprised by his ability.

Meanwhile, "Black Clover" Chapter 338 saw the brief discussion between Asta and Ryuya, who told him he was the Shogun, the country's ruler. Lucius had no plans to be where they were at the moment.

Asta saw the Hino country's people using scrolls instead of Grimoire for magic. This made him feel nostalgic, remembering how he, Yuno, and Sister Lily wandered when they were still kids.

He also noticed Ryuya had already protected two people before the Bandits incident happened. Asta was surprised, thinking if it were just a mere coincidence that Ryuya could see the future.

Ichika then arrived and put all the bandits down. Asta saw how her Ki swelled up to ten times and delivered the most powerful blow with it.

Though that move was hard to predict, Ryuya explained to Asta that if he wanted to get stronger, he must train under the Seven Ryuzen. He later revealed that Ichika was Yami's sister, and his full name was Ichika Yami, and she had the same eyes and Ki as Yami.

What happens from here can be seen when "Black Clover" Chapter 339 drops on Sunday, October 2.