South Korean tech giant Samsung has unveiled a new type of display for PCs, one that it calls "slidable" and expands horizontally.

Samsung recently demonstrated the said piece of technology during the Intel Innovation Keynote 2022 event, according to a report from Sammobile.

The said display, shown onstage by Samsung Display CEO JS Choi, went from being a 13-inch tablet to a 17-inch tablet after pulling the bezels and sliding out a hidden portion of the display.

Samsung, known for its innovations in smartphone technology such as the foldable displays used in its Galaxy Z Fold series of devices, calls this new type of display "the world's first 17-inch slidable display for PCs globally."

The South Korean tech giant's description of the display technology implies that fans shouldn't expect it to be featured in any smartphone in the near future. JS Choi specifically hinted that it has been designed for computers with tablet form factors, like Microsoft's Surface Go 3 and similar devices.

While the new piece of display technology is sure to elicit a lot of excitement, Samsung hasn't fully revealed important details about it at the moment.

For example, its durability remains unknown right now as Samsung hasn't shown how tough it is. The company hasn't revealed potential screen resolutions, brightness levels, aspect ratios, pixel densities, and so on.

What's known about this new piece of technology right now is that Samsung aims to release it for the PC market, not the smartphone market. Further, Sammobile noted how the company wanted to differentiate this display from other types of screens, such as the foldable displays, by calling it "slidable."

It also appears that the South Korean company wants to set a distinction between this new display technology and the ones LG and Oppo made for smartphones.

LG and Oppo both showcased smartphones with rollable displays, but did not release devices using such technologies to the public. LG had stopped manufacturing smartphones, while Oppo simply did not release a rollable smartphone.

The new slidable display even appears different from what Samsung Display unveiled in May this year. At the time, the company showed a 6.7-inch OLED display that could extend vertically. That display looks like it's designed for smartphones. The new slidable display, on the other hand, is obviously designed for PCs.

All that said, it remains to be seen whether Samsung will release a device using the new display technology or not. What's known at the moment is that Samsung was able to produce smartphones with foldable displays, and is currently leading the foldable smartphone market.