As a human rights organization reported that at least 83 people had been killed in nearly two weeks of protests, demonstrations protesting the death of a young woman in police custody went on throughout Iran according to state and social media.

The death of Mahsa Amini has triggered Iran's first significant display of opposition since authorities put down demonstrations against an increase in gasoline prices in 2019.

"At least 83 people including children, are confirmed to have been killed in (the) #IranProtests," Iran Human Rights, a Norway-based group, on Twitter, said.

Mahsa Amini, 22, of the Iranian Kurdish village of Saqez, was detained this month in Tehran by the morality police, who uphold the Islamic Republic's rigorous dress code for women. She was accused of wearing "unsuitable attire."

The morality police are called cruel by critics. The police deny the allegations, and the nation's Interior Ministry has stated that they are not to blame, stating the young woman passed away at the police station due to heart failure.

Videos released on Twitter showed protesters demanding the overthrow of the religious system in Tehran, Qom, Rasht, Sanandaj, Masjed-i-Suleiman, and other places despite the rising death toll and a harsh crackdown by the government. State television said without providing numbers that police had detained numerous "rioters."

The Committee to Protect Journalists announced on Twitter that it had learned security authorities had detained at least 28 journalists as of September 29. Rights groups reported that other activists, students, and artists had been imprisoned.

Elahe Mohammadi was the most recent reporter to be jailed for covering the protests, according to a story published on Thursday on Telegram by the pro-reform Hammihan newspaper. She had been called by the judicial authorities and arrested en route there.

The Iranian Journalists' Association has consistently demanded that all journalists who have been jailed for covering the protests be released right now. Although numbers have not been disclosed, several may have been detained.

The Iranian judiciary views supporting the protests or reporting on them as criminal since it may encourage more unrest. Security personnel and demonstrators have reportedly both escalated their violence, according to local eyewitnesses.

Following Amini's passing, the German foreign minister stated on Thursday that she wanted the European Union to impose sanctions on Iran. Several people attempted to enter the Iranian embassy in Oslo, Norway, during a raging protest in which two persons received minor injuries, according to Norwegian police. As per NRK, 95 persons were detained by the police.

The turmoil, according to President Ebrahim Raisi, is the most recent action by adversarial Western powers against Iran since its Islamic revolution in 1979.