Americans got three stimulus payments that were either placed into their bank accounts or delivered by mail during the peak of the COVID-19 outbreak. These checks served as stimulus measures intended to keep the economy afloat and protect people from financial ruin as a result of businesses being forced to close in order to contain the new coronavirus.

However, with most pandemic restrictions lifted and businesses fully open, Americans are now facing inflation as an issue. Many individuals are struggling as a result of price increases that have reached new records and inflation that is at its highest point in 40 years. Because of this, there is a lot of desire for a fourth check, but this time it will be for an inflation-relief payment rather than a stimulus check.

Only 18% of respondents said they would be against the fourth check from Washington, D.C., which would help people deal with rising prices. In contrast, the majority of Americans want additional assistance from the federal government.

A recent poll by Redfield & Wilton Strategies for Newsweek found that the majority of eligible voters approve an inflation relief payment. In fact, 42% of those who were eligible to vote in American elections indicated that they "strongly agreed" that there should be another payment, and about 63% of those who could vote did so.

Numerous states have already started making relief payments in response to high inflation rates. However, this help is far from sufficient, and eligible voters urge Washington to take action given the high demand for yet another payment from the federal government. The key issue is whether or not lawmakers heed the appeal.

And the response to it could be partially influenced by the results of the forthcoming election on Tuesday, Nov. 8, wherein both Congressional control and the future of inflation-relief cheques are in jeopardy.

Even though the Democrats presently hold a slim majority, some of their more conservative caucus members oppose stimulus payments. Democrats may listen to the 63% of voters who want extra payment and act to offer it if they increase their majorities, especially in the Senate. Republicans won't allow the Biden administration to send out an additional payment even if there is widespread support for one if Democrats lose their control.

If you're among the majority who are looking for assistance, know what your state is providing and pay close attention on Tuesday night to see if a check for inflation relief is likely to be forthcoming soon.