School authorities said police have detained a University of Virginia student and former football player who is suspected of shooting three current players to death and two others late Sunday at the school's main campus in Charlottesville as a bus returned from a class field trip.

According to UVA Police Chief Timothy Longo Sr., the suspect, Christopher Darnell Jones Jr., is charged with three counts of second-degree murder and three counts of using a handgun to commit a crime. The hours-long manhunt ended, and the campus lockdown order was lifted.

Around 11 a.m. ET, Jones was taken into custody in Henrico County, roughly 80 miles east of Charlottesville, according to a statement by the local police force. As per a press release from the police department, an officer saw the car Jones was driving in the eastern part of Henrico, where he was "taken into custody without incident." A reason for the attack has not been given by the police.

Jim Ryan, the university president, identified the victims as Devin Chandler, Lavel Davis Jr., and D'Sean Perry. He refused to give their names but stated that the two injured students were being treated at UVA Medical Center, one of whom was in severe condition. Michael Hollins was one of the two injured kids, according to Andrew Martin, head football coach at the University Lab School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Hollins is a junior at UVA and plays running back for the school's football team.

Michael Hollins Sr., Hollins' father, told The Washington Post that his son was shot in the back and the bullet lodged in his stomach. He is expected to recover his father said.

"This is a sad, shocking, and tragic day for our UVA community," Ryan said. "Let me say how deeply sorry I am for the victims and for their family and friends."

University officials said that the attack occurred on a bus returning from a class trip to Washington, DC, where the class saw a play. It was unclear whether Jones was in that class or went on the field trip. Around 10:30 p.m., police responded to a complaint of shots fired. Ryan described the location as being near a parking structure on Culbreth Road and surrounded by academic buildings. Longo said two of the victims were killed inside the bus, while the third was brought to a hospital, where he died.

University classes were canceled on Monday. The school canceled classes on Tuesday to provide students the chance to contemplate and mourn. A family and community help center have also been established on campus to provide mental health services to UVA community members.

In a statement, UVA athletics director Carla Williams noted that as a mother, she grieves for the victims' parents and family members. "We lost three talented and bright young men," Williams said. "We will never see what their impact on the world would have been, but we will never forget their impact on us. I miss Lavel, D'Sean, and Devin. I pray for peace, comfort and hope for their parents and loved ones."