Surprising as it might seem, children also have an inherent sense of fairness, justice, and equality. They also know how these concepts apply to their everyday lives. Many students, both young and old, also possess the confidence to speak up.

But this isn't always the case, especially for young children whose personal rights get violated. They're subjected to mistreatment without anyone knowing. As a student, you must learn how to seek help when you feel at risk. To do this, it's important to know your rights.

Human rights in education

We cannot emphasize the importance of human rights enough. Nobody can survive on their own. Any injustice committed diminishes the quality of life at different levels. Sadly, violations of human rights happen everywhere. This is the reason why we should all learn more about the subject. A good understanding allows us to build a culture of respect. This is the reason human rights education should be globally recognized as a human right as well.

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To learn how to treat others as well

There is a need to understand human rights and equality. You should understand how to get treated well and how you should treat other people. Including these topics in education is of the essence. It creates a safe space for students like you to discuss, explore, challenge, and create your own values and opinions. When you gain knowledge and respect for everyone's rights, it's an empowering experience. Combining this with respect, tolerance, and understanding of differences teaches you to deal with prejudice and improve relationships.

Consequently, this allows you to make the most of your life. The society we live in today has become more challenging and diverse. It's important to learn about the right to adopt open-minded and positive attitudes.

To avoid breaking the rules

To understand the importance of human rights, try thinking about how to explain rights to a child. Explaining it to kids takes some reflection. Even as a student, you can explain why a kid should be their right.

Teaching children let's them know about the rules. No matter what age you are, having an awareness of rules makes you a better person. It allows you to stay away from the wrong type of people. It also prevents violence because you understand the consequences of wrong actions.

So others won't take advantage of them

There will always be people around who would like to take advantage of you. This is very common, especially when those people realize that they can easily take advantage of others. In particular, of the people who don't know their rights. Having knowledge can serve as protection from scrupulous persons or unpredictable situations. Knowing your rights enables you to fight for what you want. You'll also identify opportunists who want to take advantage of you.

Feel safe in school and at home

Because of the lockdown caused by the pandemic, many students have spent long periods of time with adults at home. Sadly, students of all ages might have people at home who make them feel unsafe. This is very common, especially with young children who don't have enough opportunities to talk about their fears. This makes the incorporation of human rights education more urgent and relevant at all school levels.

The focus of learning should be on the transmission of facts and knowledge about the rights of students. Also, teachers should help students acquire the right skills to exercise their rights in their everyday lives. This means that you need to learn how to take action. You should know how to defend and promote yourself when needed.


Education is a universally accepted concept. It's imperative that education should include the study of human rights, democracy, and peace. All of these are essential to the development of our society. Right education has the goal of developing a unified culture of human rights. This is possible through the sharing of skills, molding attitudes, and knowledge. Education is the most practical tool for you to gain the fundamental awareness.

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