King Charles III reportedly asked the Parliament to allow him to add Princess Anne and Prince Edward as Counsellors of State, as its other two members, Prince Andrew and Prince Harry, are no longer working senior royals. Allegedly, this move has something to do with Prince William and Kate Middleton.

King Charles' request for legislation change is said to be because of Prince William and Kate Middleton's travel to the U.S. If the Prince and Princess of Wales leave, no one may stand in for the monarch if he ever falls ill or can't perform his royal duties.

Daily Express royal correspondent Richard Palmer said it was interesting to see His Majesty writing to Parliament on his birthday to make the legislation as soon as possible to perform the legal change.

This may only mean that the addition is an "important matter" that needs to be addressed quickly. "Royal Round Up" host Pandora Forsyth added that the king knows he needed to "put this through."

In a statement signed by King Charles himself, he asked for the expansion of the Counsellors of State to ensure the "continued efficiency of public business" should he becomes unavailable.

Palmer claimed one factor is maybe Prince William and Kate Middleton's departure to the U.S. at the end of this month. God forbid that if something happens to the head of the realm, the Duke of Cornwall has to cut his visit short and return to the U.K.

But if there will be two more Counsellors of State, the heir apparent can ask them to stand in. The Counsellors of State currently has five members; one is the spouse of the monarch, Camilla, the Queen Consort, and the other four are the next in line to the throne over 21 years old, Prince William, Prince Harry, Prince Andrew, and Princess Beatrice.

According to reports, the dilemma surrounding the Counsellors of State has been going on since the late Queen Elizabeth II's reign and has been left unresolved. Sources claimed that there would be no change in the Regency Act despite the scandal surrounding Prince Andrew and Prince Harry's departure from the U.S.

Public debate and pressure to resolve this issue were then heightened when Her Majesty caught positive for COVID-19 and eventually became frail. er

However, following the queen's death and King Charles' accession, he immediately addressed the problem. This may mean Prince Andrew can no longer return to his public life, while Prince Harry will remain on the sidelines after stepping down as a senior royal and living in the U.S.