H&M Malaysia has filed a police report after learning that footage from concealed cameras in changing rooms at its Kuala Lumpur stores was being sold online.

"In response to recent concerns about hidden cameras in H&M fitting rooms, we have conducted an inspection of the fitting rooms in all H&M stores in Malaysia and are working to ensure that there are no security breaches that will compromise the privacy of our customers," H&M Malaysia said in a statement posted on its Twitter account on Wednesday (Jan 11).

"Our customers' safety is of utmost importance to us. All findings about the recent concerns about hidden cameras in H&M fitting rooms to date have been reported to the police, and investigations are currently ongoing."

According to local media, there were suspicions that voyeuristic videos shot from inside the H&M changing rooms were being sold online. The recordings feature both couples and individuals, according to The Star.

Social media users have criticized H&M on its Facebook page for being negligent, with some suggesting that the alleged victims sue the clothes retailer.

Others have called for a boycott of the corporation and expressed concern about being videotaped, asking how long the alleged occurrence has been going on.

According to The Star, Twitter user @meleisgw raised the issue for the first time on Sunday. The original tweet has subsequently been removed.

Thereafter, it was stated that a victim identified herself in one of the recordings and submitted an update on the account. It was speculated that the video might have been taken in October of last year.

The Star further said that the Twitter user then received a DM (direct message) claiming that a police report has been filed on the incident.

Noor Delihan Bin Yahaya, the head of the Dang Wangi district police, said in a statement on Wednesday that an 11-second video posted to the @meleisgw Twitter account had a footage from a hidden camera in a changing room.

He went on to say that a report was received on Monday and that an initial inquiry is underway to determine the date and location of the video.