Britney Spears' husband, Sam Asghari, shut down the claims that his wife had a "meltdown" at a restaurant, and he stormed out of the place. On his Instagram Stories, the Iranian-American model revealed what happened during the said incident, clearing the Pop Princess's name.

Multiple publications reported that Spears had a public meltdown and was even seen talking gibberish. However, Asghari asked everyone not to believe what they read online, defending his spouse.

The restaurant in question was Joey in Woodland Hills, California. TMZ broke the news about the pop giant's behavior, causing a scene at the place while out for dinner with her husband on Friday night.

Eyewitnesses told the website that the 41-year-old was acting "manic" at the time and "talking gibberish," resulting in her husband storming out of the diner. However, the publication's video seemed to contradict the claims against the singer, showing her shielding her face with a menu while someone was filming her, seemingly without her consent.

The clip didn't show Spears talking gibberish or Asghari leaving in a hurry. Joey's manager, alternatively, told Page Six they couldn't "disclose any information" about the couple's visit.

However, an employee revealed that the real disruptor wasn't the "Toxic" hitmaker but a fellow diner who pushed her to act that way after taking a video without consent. She was just upset at the time, and Asghari left to get their car, not storming out.

On the other hand, Spears had already addressed the issue with her video on Instagram, giving the finger several times. In a different post, she wrote that she was aware of the hyped news about her being a little drunk at a restaurant.

"It's like they'll be WATCHING MY EVERY MOVE," she continued. So, she felt flattered they talked about her "like a maniac." She was even surprised that they had the guts to discuss the past negative things that had happened to her.

The news comes on the heels of the #FreeBritney activists fearing she's still being controlled. With her odd videos, from posting nearly nude photos to flipping the finger to eating cake off the floor, many question if she's really free as she claims to be.

There are also suspicions surrounding her wedding with Asghari last year, with some alleging she seemed not in the right mind. Spears herself admitted she couldn't breathe due to a panic attack at the time and hadn't had "real consciousness in three years."

Fans seem to blame Asghari, but he has already denied the allegations, telling TMZ he doesn't even have control over what they will have for dinner. Despite that, he assures fans they understand where they're coming from.