Former President Donald Trump's political operation raised $9.5 million, which was less than the approximately $11.8 million raised by Trump entities in the six weeks preceding the Republican's November 15 announcement.

Trump's team has engaged marketing firm Campaign Inbox to boost its digital fundraising strategy, according to a report from CNN.

Trump's team stated that the former president would be able to compete.

New reports submitted to the Federal Election Commission on Tuesday night reveal that Trump's main campaign committee began the year with a little bit more than $3 million in cash on hand.

His political operation, though, is well-armed and well-funded.

The political effort raised $21.3 million in total during the final three months of last year, according to campaign spokesperson Steven Cheung. That proves the former president is "an unstoppable force that continues to dominate politics." he says.

Cheung anticipated that Trump will run "an aggressive and fully-funded campaign."

A total of five committees supporting Trump reported having a cash reserve of more than $81 million.

More than $54 million is in the coffers of MAGA Inc., a super PAC founded last year by former Trump campaign aide Taylor Budowich and that must operate independently of the campaign. It can, however, spend heavily to support the former president and attack his opponents.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, a potential 2024 candidate who has endured early Trump attacks, has also amassed sizable funding.

According to the most recent state reports, DeSantis' political operation, split between two Florida-based committees, has more than $75 million left in its coffers after the 2022 midterm elections.

On his route to gaining a second term in office, the Florida Republican broke fundraising records, raising more than $163 million for his state political organization, Friends of Ron DeSantis, and an additional $50 million for his campaign.

DeSantis has not yet declared his decision to run for president, but his political team was looking into ways to move money from a state political organization to a federal group that would fund a campaign.

Trump slammed DeSantis during his first significant campaign swing, which included weekend trips to the early-voting states of South Carolina and New Hampshire. He called the governor "disloyal" for considering a bid for president and criticized his response to the pandemic.

Meanwhile, former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, who is set to announce her presidential candidacy on Feb. 15, has approximately $2 million in funds on hand in her PAC, Stand for America.