The 2023 Samsung Unpacked event will be the first in-person Unpacked event in three years, and the company is gearing up to make its new Galaxy S23 devices official.

The event is by invitation only, with press seats often reserved. Because the event is being streamed live, you should be able to view it from the comfort of your own home.

2023 Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Event: What to Expect

The announcement of the Galaxy S23 series is the first significant event you can anticipate from the first Samsung Unpacked event of 2023. This is hardly shocking given that you can already place preorders for the Galaxy Book and the S23 on the Samsung website. This year's show's main emphasis will probably be on these two product lines.

Even if we don't yet fully understand the new Samsung phones, there have been some rather significant leaks that can help us anticipate their features.

According to one of the most recent spec leaks, the S23 series will be similar to the Galaxy S22. The primary distinctions between the two versions of phones will be an updated chipset and, possibly, a new camera design. Unfortunately, speculations claim that the S23's price may increase

A new Galaxy Book is also expected to be unveiled at tomorrow's event by Samsung. While preorders are now available on the Samsung website, we don't know much about the new laptop line.

We'll have to wait and watch to learn more, but the series may include the Galaxy Book 3 Pro and Galaxy Book 3 Ultra. Samsung has the ability to dominate the laptop market, as evidenced by the fact that the Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360 made it onto our list of the best laptops.

We can't be certain, but there are virtually always a few surprises at these presentations. It's possible that we will see new Galaxy Buds or a Galaxy Tablet in addition to the S23 series and the Galaxy Book 3, but it's unlikely.

How to Watch Samsung Unpacked Livestream

The Galaxy S23 launch event for this year takes place today, February 1 at 10 a.m. PT / 1 p.m. ET in San Francisco. The event will be livestreamed at the same time as it is being held in person.

You may watch it almost immediately by going to the Samsung Newsroom page, the official YouTube channel, Facebook, or Twitter. The following are links to where you can watch the event once it starts: