BTS's RM revealed his hopes for BTS as the group went on a hiatus to pursue their solo projects and prepare for their military enlistment. He also talked about his upcoming second solo album and his ways to find himself again.

RM reportedly traveled to Spain to find new inspiration for his second solo album. In fact, he wanted to collaborate with one Spanish artist.

A Spanish news media outlet EFE revealed that the 28-year-old wanted to collaborate with Rosalia. He also has an upcoming new music with So!YoON!, a member of the South Korean indie rock band.

The song in question is "Smoke Sprite," and it will be part of the second album, "Episode 1: Love." The track will drop on March 14 at 6 p.m. KST.

From there, RM talked about BTS's future and believed the group would make it despite the difficulty of staying on top. He's confident they will unite again after finishing their military service.

They will look for new synergies between them to start their second phase. However, he knows that nothing lasts forever.

After being a part of BTS for a decade, RM then got real and said he didn't know who he was anymore. "I wanted to know," he stated.

The idol recalled his humble beginnings as a teenage rapper before the globally famous K-pop group came along, and everything started to be intense. So, now that the band is on a break, he's thinking of how he started and the real reason he joined BTS.

Talking about his travel to Spain, RM revealed he wanted to see the artworks of the painters Goya, Velasquez, and Picasso for inspiration. He had already been to Prado and other museums, explaining he went to the country because of his love for its arts.

And as an artist, if someone learns about his country of South Korea and its culture through his song, he said it would be an honor.

Meanwhile, RM recently reacted to the news about a stranger invading his privacy. There were reports that a Korail (South Korean railway system) employee had accessed the hitmaker's private information about 18 times since 2019 without consent.

The employee reportedly used those private details for personal reasons, like ensuring to have booking tickets next to RM. The worker was also said to have the singer's address and telephone number.

Hence, fans couldn't help but worry for RM's safety, with Big Hit Music saying it would take necessary action against the employee. This incident is now under investigation. RM, alternatively, just shared the news on his Instagram story with an emoticon.