Updates: On Tuesday, President Joe Biden issued an executive order to broaden background checks for firearms purchases as part of an effort to decrease mass shootings in the United States.

Furthermore, as per the order published by the White House, Biden urged Congress to take further steps to decrease gun violence and requested the Federal Trade Commission to produce a public report evaluating how gun manufacturers advertise weapons to minors. 

The original artilce: The President of the United States, Joe Biden, plans to sign an executive order to bolster gun background checks and safety measures, as well as ensure that law enforcement agencies are using the bipartisan gun control legislation that was passed last year.

The announcement is expected to be made during Biden's speech in Monterey Park, California, where a shooter killed 11 individuals in January. A senior White House official said that the order aims to bring the US "as close to universal background checks" as possible without further legislation.

Biden has been a vocal advocate for gun control and has pushed Congress to take more action to address the "epidemic" of gun violence. He has declared it a national emergency and signed a bill aimed at reducing gun violence into law.

However, the Republican-controlled House is not expected to comply with Biden's demands for comprehensive background checks, gun control, and the elimination of gun makers' immunity from punishment.

The executive order will strengthen background checks, which is the first step in a series of measures that Biden will implement through his executive order. Universal background checks require gun buyers' information to be processed through an FBI database before a transaction, closing legal loopholes that allow for unlawful sales.

Biden has consistently emphasized the importance of gun control and has even called for the ban of assault weapons in his speeches. While serving as vice president under President Obama, Democrats did not have such a strong anti-gun agenda. However, Biden's advisors believe that his unwavering stance on gun control has not resulted in significant losses and will continue to advocate for substantial measures as he moves toward a 2024 bid for the presidency.