The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, recently attended the 2023 Commonwealth Day Service, where she was photographed in a pose that reminded many of a shot from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Netflix documentary.

Middleton was seated in the front row beside her husband, Prince William, when a photo captured her looking directly at the camera. Body language expert Judi James weighed in on the photo and noted that Middleton's pose was similar to one seen in the Sussexes' docuseries.

James told Express that Middleton's pose in the photo was very similar to the one that she used in the Netflix series, adding, "Did the ghost of the iconic pose in the Netflix documentary haunt Kate enough today to result in a very similar look here?"

Despite the apparent similarity, James noted that Middleton appeared relaxed during the ceremony, even sharing some flirtatious moments with her husband.

In addition to her body language during the ceremony, Middleton also appeared to be trying to put Queen Camilla at ease. James observed that Middleton was giving the Queen Consort her full attention upon her arrival, even pointing out Prince William's place in the song sheet for him with a sense of authority.

James noted that Camilla appeared nervous, likely due to the fact that it was King Charles III's first Commonwealth Day Service as king. James added that the tension seemed to be contagious, as Camilla was the only one seen shaking during the service.

The Commonwealth Day Service was an important event, not only for the royal family but for the people of the Commonwealth as a whole. As the wife of a future king, Kate Middleton's body language and behavior are under constant scrutiny. While some may have found her pose reminiscent of the Sussexes' documentary, Middleton appeared relaxed and focused on the task at hand, putting those around her at ease and leading by example.