Oh Chang Suk and Lee Chae Eun have officially ended their relationship. The two met on the celebrity dating show, The Taste Of Dating in 2019. 

On March 23, PF Company, the actor's agency, confirmed the news, stating, "It's true the two recently broke up. We don't know the details because it's the actor's private life." The couple began dating after appearing together on the TV Chosun reality show 'Taste of Love 2.'

According to sources, Oh Chang Suk and Lee Chae Eun drifted apart as they concentrated on their respective careers, ultimately deciding to break up and support each other's future endeavors.

Oh Chang Suk has since removed all posts related to Lee Chae Eun from his social media accounts and unfollowed her, while Lee Chae Eun has yet to delete her posts featuring Oh Chang Suk.

Meanwhile, Oh Chang Suk is currently playing a role in the MBC daily drama 'The Witch's Game.'