Prince Andrew chose to settle the sexual abuse lawsuit filed by Virginia Roberts Giuffre through a payment rather than admitting any wrongdoing, according to her attorney, David Boies. The Duke of York paid a reported £9.95 million ($12 million) in February 2022 and issued an apology statement. However, Boies claims that the royal was initially resistant to meeting Giuffre's demands.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Boies described how Prince Andrew went from "stonewalling" to negotiating within "four or five days," followed by a two-day mediation. The prince encountered legal hurdles, such as losing his motion to dismiss the case and being ordered to appear for a deposition. A week before the scheduled deposition, he agreed to the settlement.

Boies explained the early challenges: "From our side, we said there had to be a substantial amount of money and there had to be an acceptable statement from Prince Andrew. Those were really the two initial stumbling blocks, and they were resolved within a few hours of each other."

According to Boies, Prince Andrew was eager to put the matter to rest, but he wanted to pay a minimal amount without acknowledging Giuffre or admitting any involvement in Jeffrey Epstein's sex trafficking activities. Boies observed the quick shift in the duke's stance, stating, "I can't think of a turnaround that changed as dramatically in such a short a time as this one did."

The lawyer speculated that Prince Andrew experienced both relief and discomfort due to the settlement, particularly regarding the sum he had to pay and the necessary acknowledgments. As part of the settlement, the prince's representative released a statement praising Giuffre's "bravery" and asserting that Prince Andrew "never intended to malign" her "character."

The statement also announced his plans to make a "substantial donation" to her charity in support of victims' rights.

Boies declined to disclose the exact amount Prince Andrew paid Giuffre, citing confidentiality agreements with the royal's attorneys to avoid causing him further "embarrassment."

The controversy surrounding Prince Andrew's association with the late convicted sex trafficker Epstein led to his withdrawal from public life in 2019 and the loss of his royal patronages and military titles in January 2022. Despite the settlement, the duke continues to maintain his innocence, insisting that he did not rape Giuffre three times when she was 17 years old.

It has been reported that Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles III helped cover the settlement cost due to the duke's financial difficulties.