When dealing with a behemoth such as the gambling industry, the technology sector has played an integral role in its astonishing development. The gambling industry certainly isn't the only one that has benefited immensely from technological developments, nor will it be the last. It has been pivotal in developing emerging new sectors within otherwise already-established sectors.

You only need to look at gambling websites like thegamedaycasino.com to see how much the internet has benefited specific industries. Before the ubiquity of the internet, the gambling industry revolved around physical, land-based buildings that gamblers would frequent. Nowadays, there seem to be more people gambling online than in actual casinos, which is reflected in the multibillion-dollar turnover they enjoy.

Mobile gaming

Even though gamblers used the internet to gamble in the early 21st century, it was still an emerging market. However, the development of smartphones and how they could access the internet opened the floodgates to an entirely new sector.

Gamblers could play their chosen game on the move and didn't have to travel to a physical casino. The phenomenal impact this had on convenience for customers, coupled to accessibility to digital casinos, meant that the sector accelerated out of the small corners and became a competitor to its land-based counterparts.

The enhancement of mobile phone technology resulted in widespread access to all types of digital gaming, and not only for the casino industry. This spread across the gaming sector and some games, such as Subway Surfers, have been downloaded tens of millions of times.

Computer graphics

One of the critical factors that stopped mobile gaming from having the same level of sophistication as PC or console gaming on the PlayStation or Xbox was the device's size and the display size they had to use.

Graphics cards have become hot property in the last decade. The increase in the quality of these chips has ensured that the color schemes and graphics in mobile casino gaming grew exponentially.

Sony and Microsoft have put billions of dollars into research and development to stay ahead of the chasing pack. Mobile gaming companies have also spent considerable time and effort improving the user interface and consumer experience when playing digital casino games.

While this is more crucial in slot machine titles with an added emphasis on music, graphics and color, other games, including blackjack and poker, have also gained from this incredible growth in graphic quality.

Internet speed

Technology companies have worked quickly to bring innovation into the mobile phone and digital gaming sectors. Gambling has been at the forefront of this industry due to how much profit it generates.

Gambling providers and game designers have benefited tremendously from the millions of customers who have flocked online to play their chosen online casino games. But, unfortunately, the internet was much slower than the lightning-fast connections we witness today.

However, technology companies have focused on improving the accessibility to the service while simultaneously increasing the connection speed, and the results have been astonishing. It is estimated that over half of the world's population now have access to a smartphone, with even more having access to the internet.

It should be evident that this incredible increase in connection speed has allowed the gambling industry to connect more customers to their sites and operate in more locations than they ever could have previously.

This technological advancement has also allowed the services to improve. For example, if you want to contact a customer service helpdesk online, you can now connect to anyone worldwide to resolve your issue. Before the internet reached its current connection speed, digital companies often responded to customers via email. It could take much longer than now, when you can speak to most customer service teams via a live chat.


Technology has brought in some of the most significant societal changes ever. Many of these transformative events have taken place over the last two decades. The gambling industry uniquely positioned itself to benefit from the incredible rise in the technological and mobile phone industries.

They don't take all of the credit, of course. Plenty of innovators operate in the digital casino industry and they have ensured that the technologies discussed here has been implemented most effectively. They have also stayed ahead of the curve to generate colossal profits, and digital casino gaming is not only one of the major industries within the gambling sector but also one of the largest subdivisions of any industry that operates online.