Following the surprising divorce between Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady earlier this year, rumors are circulating that the supermodel is planning to expose her marriage secrets in a shocking $17 million tell-all book. Insiders claim that the memoir would tarnish the NFL star's all-American image.

Sources close to the former couple have indicated that Gisele has been enjoying life since separating from Tom, with whom she shares children Benjamin Rein and Vivian Lake. The supermodel has been more visible in recent times, even starring in a provocative ad campaign called "My Turn."

An insider told the National Enquirer, "Gisele says she's never felt so sexy and free. She's itching to let the world know how much she sacrificed for Tom's career and how unsatisfying life with him really was. She'll write about how the marriage suffocated her mentally and emotionally. She had to put aside her individuality - and sexuality - for Tom's sake!"

Another source claims that Gisele is in discussions with several publishers who are eager to release the book, which will reveal the couple's lackluster sex life, Tom's secret temper tantrums, and his prioritization of football over family.

Gisele and Tom's marriage ended on a sour note when the quarterback failed to please his wife in the bedroom for 178 days. The former Victoria's Secret angel ended the relationship after Tom decided to return to the football field in 2021 during his first attempt at retirement.

A source revealed, "She felt lied to and abandoned. That was the end of the romance - and their marriage."

Insiders have suggested that Gisele is determined to humiliate Tom publicly, including engaging in romantic wrestling matches with jiu-jitsu instructor Joaquim Valente and purchasing a Miami mansion across the bay from the athlete's residence.

A snitch alleged, "Gisele was tired of carrying Tom's water while he crafted his all-American image. She's going to let the world know how miserable she felt."

As of now, Gisele Bundchen has not commented on the rumors that she plans to release a book about her marriage to Tom Brady. Fans of the former couple should treat these unconfirmed reports with skepticism until any claims are verified and proven accurate.