On Mnet Prime Show, (G)I-DLE's leader Soyeon and her fellow group members opened up about their feelings and challenges following Soojin's departure from the group in March 2022. The sensitive issue was discussed candidly by the girls, who shared their experiences during this difficult time.

Soyeon Reflects on Soojin's Exit from (G)I-DLE Soojin left the group after being involved in a school violence controversy in 2021. As the leader of (G)I-DLE, Soyeon shared her thoughts on the situation, comparing it to a protagonist suddenly leaving a movie or cartoon. According to AllKpop, she said, "Let's say if one of the protagonists has to quit, I actually think that drama wouldn't become a hit (popular). So, I thought that it would be hard for us to make it big again."

(G)I-DLE's Toughest Moments Minnie also spoke up, admitting that Soojin's departure and the resulting indefinite hiatus were among the most challenging times she had faced. "Can I go back to Korea? I can, right? I was so worried," she confessed.

Minnie continued to work alone in Thailand despite the difficulties, saying, "I felt so lonely, and it was tough..."

The girls eventually overcame these challenges and focused on improving their skills while looking forward to reuniting with their fans. The hiatus made them miss their fellow members and yearn to promote as a group once more.

(G)I-DLE's Comeback (G)I-DLE finally made their highly anticipated comeback with "TOMBOY," and Soyeon was determined to make the promotion a success. "I thought I had to make it this time. I have to make the best song I can," she explained. "Whether it be good or bad, we needed to garner attention. I really thought that if we work hard that we can do well. I felt that this would be what decides the fate of our lives."

A year and two months after Soojin's departure, (G)I-DLE released their first studio album, I Never Die. Soyeon described the album as one that encapsulates the group's "thoughts and emotions." Their title track, "TOMBOY," garnered significant attention, allowing the girls to resume their activities and achieve greater success.