As Russia assumes the United Nations Security Council presidency this month, Ukraine's Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba criticized the development, calling it "the world's worst April Fool's joke." Russia's leadership comes as it continues its invasion of Ukraine, now entering its second year.

Kuleba expressed concern over Russia's role, stating, "The country which systematically violates all fundamental rules of international security is presiding over a body whose only mission is to safeguard and protect international security."

The presidency of the Security Council rotates alphabetically among its 15 member nations, with the council being led by its five permanent members, including Russia and the United States.

As president, Russia is expected to remain neutral, but it could use its position to manipulate meetings on Ukraine and paint the US and other Western countries as falsely accusing Russia.

Last month, Russian President Vladimir Putin became the first head of state of a permanent UN Security Council member to be issued an arrest warrant, related to the alleged deportation of Ukrainian children to Russia.

While removing Russia from the Security Council or the UN is difficult due to the UN charter, the US Mission to the UN spokesperson stated, "We continue to call out their lies and bring credible voices, data and facts on the ground." As the conflict continues, Russia's position at the UN may face increasing scrutiny.