Following a surprising virtual cameo on "American Idol", King Charles III has been characterized by Lionel Richie as a rather unexpected comedian. This royal jesting took center stage after Richie's recent performance at the King's Coronation Concert at Windsor Castle.

Richie shared his experience at the coronation and his interactions with the King during an interview with Extra. "The highlight for me was that I actually walked up to the King the day after the coronation and asked, 'Would you like to be on "American Idol?"' and he said, 'Yeah,'" Richie recounted.

The King's response to the invitation was not the only surprise. "Alright if I bring the Queen?" was King Charles III's next question, to which Richie enthusiastically agreed.

The "All Night Long" singer further explained his longstanding acquaintance with King Charles III and praised the King's hidden comedic side. "He does have this amazing sense of humor that no one knows about," Richie stated, referring to the King as a "secret comedian."

Richie also expressed admiration for King Charles III and Queen Camilla, citing their significant contributions through the Prince's Trust. Richie was appointed as the First Global Ambassador and First Chairman of the Global Ambassador Group for the Prince's Trust in 2019.

In a light-hearted moment during their "American Idol" cameo, King Charles III humorously asked, "I just want to check how long you'll be using this room for?" Apart from the jests, the King and Queen expressed appreciation for the "brilliant" performances by Richie and fellow performer Katy Perry at the Coronation Concert. They also extended an invitation to the concert's after-party.

Social media was abuzz with reactions to the royal cameo, with viewers expressing their surprise and amusement. The memorable concert, hosted by "Downtown Abbey" actor Hugh Bonneville, saw Richie perform his hits "Easy" and "All Night Long," while Perry performed "Roar" and "Firework."

Richie described the experience of performing for the King and Queen as "an honor" and noted that it was taken to another level by receiving a personal invitation from the King. The concert also featured performances by numerous artists, including Take That, Nicole Scherzinger, Paloma Faith, and Bette Midler, among others.