The path Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have chosen after stepping down from their royal duties suggests they might be "leading separate lives," says royal commentator Celia Walden. As they carve out their individual futures, Walden suggests that the couple may be "breaking apart."

Walden discussed the couple's separate public duties and their potential impact on their union. She noted Meghan's desire for consistent public attention, emphasizing that "she wants the attention kept firmly on her because that is where the attention should always be." However, the royal commentator indicated that Meghan's preference for portraying the couple as a united front is becoming challenging due to their independent commitments.

"There are already whispers of the idea," Walden revealed, hinting at the potential divergence in the couple's future paths. Despite their separate professional obligations, Harry and Meghan continue to find time for each other and their social circle.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex recently enjoyed a night out with friends, including Gwyneth Paltrow and husband Brad Falchuk, Cameron Diaz and husband Benji Madden, and Bumble CEO Whitney Wolf Herd and her husband Michael Herd, an oil heir. This group gathering took place shortly after Harry's return from King Charles III's coronation in London.

Meghan's decision to stay in the U.S. during the coronation also fueled speculation about their separate lives. Royal biographer Omid Scobie suggested that Meghan opted to stay with their children to "protect her peace." Given her experience with intense media scrutiny, Meghan preferred to stay away from narratives that could emerge from her presence at the event.

Harry's attendance at the coronation, on the other hand, seemed more about supporting his father than repairing strained relationships with his family. His swift return to the U.S., allegedly to celebrate his son Archie's 4th birthday coinciding with the day of the coronation, further exemplified his independent agenda.

As they continue to navigate their post-royal lives, the couple's individual pursuits and decisions will undoubtedly remain a focal point of interest and speculation. Walden's observations, shared during her conversation with GB News, provide yet another perspective on the evolving narrative of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.