Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, is reportedly feeling the strain of raising her eldest son, Prince George, as a future king. With Prince William, her husband, busy establishing his legacy as the Prince of Wales, the responsibility of preparing George for his future role has largely fallen on Kate.

Royal expert Angela Levin recently revealed that Kate is "acutely aware of the pressure of raising George as the future monarch," describing it as a "very heavy burden to carry." Despite the immense responsibility, Kate appears to be handling it with grace, impressing many observers as she also raises Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte and focuses on her own significant role as the Princess of Wales.

With King Charles III already in his mid-70s, Kate and William are aware that they will not have as much time as second-in-command as Charles had under Queen Elizabeth II's reign. This realization makes the remaining years of Charles III's reign crucial for shaping the type of monarch Prince George will eventually become.

However, the ascension of Prince George to the British throne could be a long way off, as it would only occur after the lifetimes of both Charles III and William. Despite this, the future Queen Consort is not wasting any time in preparing her son for his future role. Levin shared that Kate finds it hard to accept that George is growing up, stating, "George's tenth birthday is a milestone. I think all parents wish their children wouldn't grow up so fast, and it's no different for Kate."

In addition to preparing George for his future role, William and Kate are also striving to provide their children with a sense of normalcy as they grow up. Levin revealed, "I hear they all have cleaning jobs at home. There's zero need for them to do it, but it's a good idea that they have to put things away or wipe the table. She wants to help them understand they have to do a certain amount of looking after themselves."

While the idea of chores in royal palaces may seem unusual for members of royalty, the Prince and Princess of Wales see this as not only beneficial for their kids but also the early foundations of what a modern monarchy will look like once William and, one day, George, ascend the throne.