In a recent interaction with fans, BTS's Jungkook shed light on his admiration for Latin music, naming three iconic artists he holds in high regard. The revelation came during an Ask Anything Chat with iHeartRadio, where the global superstar took the time to answer fan-submitted questions.

One particular inquiry stood out, where a fan referenced Jungkook's previous statement about his desire to collaborate with a Latin music artist. They were curious to know which Latin artists Jungkook particularly favored. This question gains significance given that BTS's Jungkook and leader RM have previously hinted at the possibility of the group venturing into the Latin music market. Notably, J-Hope, another member of BTS, collaborated with Latin pop sensation Becky G for the track "Chicken Noodle Soup" back in 2019.

In response to the fan's question, Jungkook didn't hold back his enthusiasm. He expressed his admiration for Spanish singer-songwriter Rosalía, Colombian music sensation J Balvin, and, unsurprisingly, American artist Becky G. Given the global appeal of these artists and BTS's unparalleled popularity, any collaboration between them promises to be a chart-topping sensation.

It's worth noting that BTS's RM, in a past interview with Entertainment Weekly, hinted at the group's openness to diversifying their musical repertoire. He mentioned that the group might consider songs in "any language" if the timing felt right. "We're open to anything... Maybe when it's time, I think we'll be able to release another song in English or Korean or Spanish - or any language," RM had stated.

J Balvin's name coming up in the conversation isn't entirely unexpected. Earlier this year, he met with BTS and expressed his admiration for the group. He even addressed the potential of a future collaboration, further fueling fans' excitement and anticipation.

While no official collaboration announcements have been made, the mere mention of these iconic Latin artists in conjunction with BTS has sent ripples of excitement through the global music community. As fans eagerly await more news, one thing is certain: any collaboration featuring these global icons promises to be nothing short of spectacular.