In a delightful blend of gaming and personal reflection, BLACKPINK's Jisoo recently showcased her gamer side to fans in a new vlog titled "PC GAME Day (+Trophy Unboxing)," uploaded on her YouTube channel, Happy Jisoo 103%. The 28-year-old K-pop sensation not only indulged in a series of PC and browser games but also took a moment to unbox and share her YouTube play button plaques and other trophies, both as a singer and an actress.

The vlog kicked off with Jisoo trying her hand at "Akinator," a popular online game that attempts to guess a real or fictional character based on a series of questions. To test the game's accuracy, Jisoo decided to see if it could identify her. The game posed questions ranging from her association with BLACKPINK to her acting roles and even her iconic beret days in London. To Jisoo's astonishment, the Akinator successfully guessed her identity. Not stopping there, she gave the game another whirl, this time challenging it to identify Hello Kitty, which it did with equal precision.

Beyond "Akinator," Jisoo explored other PC games, including "SUE's Ramen Shop," "SUE's Beauty Maker," "SUE's Chocolate Factory," "SUE's Transformation Magic," and "Kart Rider." Her evident joy, especially after securing the first place in "Kart Rider," was palpable. "This is the happiness index!" she exclaimed, her face lighting up with glee.


The vlog took a sentimental turn as Jisoo unboxed her YouTube play button plaques and other accolades. Expressing her gratitude, she said, "It was my first time opening a YT channel and going solo. I'm so happy to have won so many trophies like this, and it's all thanks to BLINKS. I'm so grateful, and I love you. I'll display them beautifully in the 'BLINK Zone' at home." This heartwarming gesture was met with an outpouring of love from fans, who took to social media to share their admiration for the star.

In related news, BLACKPINK fans have much to look forward to as the group gears up for the "Born Pink" finale concerts at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on Sept. 16 and 17. This grand finale will mark the end of their sold-out world tour, which began in October 2022 at the KSPO Dome in Seoul. The group recently wrapped up the U.S. leg of their "Born Pink" encore tour with performances at iconic venues like the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Oracle Park in San Francisco, and Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.

As Jisoo continues to connect with fans through diverse platforms, from gaming to music, her multifaceted talents and genuine connection with fans further solidify her position as a global icon.