In a remarkable display of his solo prowess, BTS's V has set the music industry ablaze with the release of his debut solo EP, "Layover". The anticipation surrounding the album was palpable, and the numbers now speak for themselves. In less than 24 hours since its release, "Layover" has sold an astounding 1.67 million copies in South Korea alone, according to real-time music chart Hanteo. This feat not only underscores V's immense popularity but also cements his position in the annals of Hanteo history.

The album, which was officially released on September 9, has been eagerly awaited by fans worldwide. The title track, "Slow Dancing", encapsulates the essence of V's musicality and has been met with widespread acclaim. The staggering sales figure of 1.67 million copies on the day of release has shattered the record for the highest first-day sales of any solo album in Hanteo's history.

To put this achievement into perspective, V is only the third solo artist in Hanteo's records to surpass the one million mark on the first day of an album's release. The other two artists to have achieved this milestone are none other than his BTS bandmates, Jimin and Suga. Suga previously held the record for the highest first-day sales by a solo artist with his album "D-DAY".

Furthermore, when considering groups as well, V's "Layover" ranks fifth in terms of highest first-day sales, trailing behind illustrious names such as SEVENTEEN, his own group BTS, Stray Kids, and TXT. This accomplishment is a testament to V's individual appeal and the unwavering support of his fans.

While BTS as a group has achieved numerous milestones and set multiple records, the members' solo ventures have also been met with significant success. The group is currently on a brief hiatus, with several members fulfilling their mandatory military service obligations in South Korea. During this period, some members have embarked on solo projects, with V being the latest to venture out.

The success of "Layover" is indicative of the global appeal of BTS members, both as a group and as individual artists. As the numbers continue to rise, the music industry and fans alike will be keenly watching V's trajectory as a solo artist.

In the ever-evolving world of K-pop, where trends change rapidly, V's record-breaking sales serve as a reminder of the enduring appeal of genuine talent and the power of a dedicated fanbase. As "Layover" continues to dominate charts and capture hearts, one thing is clear: V's solo journey has only just begun, and the world is eagerly awaiting what he has in store next.