Multiple organizations within the K-pop industry have unitedly released a statement demanding strict action against content creators, often referred to as malicious 'cyber wreckers', who spread harmful rumors.

On September 11, the Korea Management Federation, Korea Entertainment Producer's Association, Korea Music Label Industry Association, and Korea Music Content Association stated, "Malicious content creators produce and distribute numerous videos that mock or insult artists without fact-checking, often using sensational topics."

They further pointed out, "These creators exploit anonymity to stir up malicious controversies and maximize their profits by capitalizing on others' pain."

The statement also highlighted, "The public, after encountering such content, often believes the misinformation and criticizes the artists, leading to widespread cyberbullying. This not only harms the artist and their agency but also tarnishes the overall image of South Korea's pop culture and arts industry."

To eradicate this issue, the music industry associations emphasized, "Thorough investigations and severe punishments are essential." They also urged for "a system to be established to address indiscriminate hate comments, cyber defamation, and insult crimes, ensuring a sustainable foundation for the growth of the pop culture industry."

A prime example of a 'cyber wrecker' is the channel 'Taldeok Sooyongso'. This channel has consistently produced and spread baseless rumors about IVE member Jang Won-young. Starship Entertainment, her agency, announced in July that they have initiated both civil and international lawsuits against the channel, drawing significant attention.

Previously, Red Velvet's Yeri was also targeted by the same channel with unfounded accusations of imitating BLACKPINK's Jennie, mockingly suggesting she had "Jennie syndrome". Yeri later responded on a fan platform, stating, "It's kind of pitiful. People who make money by belittling others."

The channel has been at the center of controversy for spreading false issues and malicious rumors about various idols, from BTS's V to BLACKPINK's Jennie and aespa's Karina.

Another notorious 'cyber wrecker', Ppeokga, recently uploaded a video with sexual harassment undertones about singer Kwon Eun-bi. In the video, Ppeokga provocatively edited images and videos of Kwon Eun-bi, emphasizing her revealing outfits or using slow-motion effects. He even admitted his concerns about the video being too suggestive but dismissed it by saying, "I'm a slave to YouTube."

With their identities hidden, these 'cyber wreckers' continue to produce content that sexually harasses, defames, belittles, mocks, and insults celebrities. The K-pop industry's criticism towards them is intensifying. Fans supporting the artists are also echoing the same sentiments, calling for the eradication of these malicious 'cyber wreckers'.