In recent days, the K-pop world has been abuzz with speculation surrounding BLACKPINK's Lisa and her contract renewal with YG Entertainment. Reports have emerged suggesting that Lisa turned down a contract renewal offer from the entertainment giant, with figures rumored to be around ₩50.0 billion KRW (approximately $37.7 million USD).

YG Entertainment, in response to the swirling rumors, stated, "The matter of Lisa's contract renewals remains undecided. There has been no official confirmation regarding the recent rumors." It's worth noting that the contract renewals for all four BLACKPINK members, not just Lisa, remain in limbo.

The speculation gained traction after overseas media outlets reported on the alleged rejection of the contract renewal offer. This has led to a flurry of reactions from Korean netizens, many of whom have voiced their opinions on online platforms.

A significant portion of the fanbase believes that an official announcement regarding Lisa's contract status might be made soon, possibly after BLACKPINK's 'Born Pink' world tour finale in Seoul. The tour is set to conclude with a two-day show at the Gocheok Sky Dome on October 16-17.

Many fans expressed their anticipation and anxiety, with one netizen remarking, "Just wait 2 more days. I think there will be some news either during or after the second Gocheok show." Another added, "We don't want to stress over this right now! We just want to enjoy the finale concert!!"

The speculation has also led to discussions about Lisa's immense global appeal and potential offers from other entertainment labels, including those based in the U.S. Some fans have questioned why the media spotlight is solely on Lisa when the contract status of all BLACKPINK members remains uncertain.

Criticism has also been directed at YG Entertainment, with fans drawing parallels between BLACKPINK's current situation and the disbandment of 2NE1 right before BLACKPINK's debut. One netizen commented, "This is deja vu. Right before YG debuted BLACKPINK, they disbanded 2NE1. Now that they're about to debut Baby Monster, BLACKPINK is going to disband."

Others expressed their support for Lisa's potential decision to leave YG, citing the entertainment company's perceived lack of support for her talents. "If you're Lisa's fan, you would support her exit from YG 100%. They do not care for her the way they should," one fan noted.

As the K-pop community awaits an official statement, the focus remains on BLACKPINK's upcoming finale in Seoul, where fans hope to celebrate the group's achievements without the cloud of contract uncertainties hanging over the event.