In a testament to the power of K-pop's global influence, BTS's Jungkook has once again demonstrated his ability to turn virtually anything he touches into gold. This time, the "Golden Maknae" of BTS has catapulted a relatively unknown Korean fashion label into the limelight, proving his title as the "sold-out king."

After previously endorsing TEAZEN, a health drink brand, which subsequently saw its sales soar and even temporarily sell out, Jungkook has now turned his attention to the fashion industry. During a live stream, the singer sported an outfit from a local designer brand. Fans, ever eager to emulate their idol's style, quickly scoured the internet to identify the outfit post-live show. Their search led them to F8ke Chemical Club, a brand with roots in both Seoul and New York, helmed by designer Park Jeong Eun.

Before the BTS member's endorsement, F8ke Chemical Club had a modest following of just 759 on its social media. However, in the aftermath of the live stream, the brand's following surged dramatically. The specific outfit Jungkook wore, known as the Khaki Knit set, swiftly sold out, despite its premium price tag of approximately $470 USD for the set. Each piece, the shirt and pants, were priced at $230 USD and $240 USD respectively. The brand's garments are known for their high quality, and in a nod to modern fashion trends, F8ke Chemical Club's clothing line is genderless.

Jungkook's endorsement not only led to a spike in sales but also brought the brand to the attention of other K-pop artists. MONSTA X's Minhyuk was seen wearing their shirts in an ELLE Korea video, DKZ's Jaechan showcased their shirt on a Chinese magazine cover, and Wonho sported their attire for Singles Magazine. Additionally, GOT7's Jay B chose the brand for his special album, and MONSTA X's Joohoney wore it on M! Countdown.

In a significant recognition of its rising status in the fashion world, F8ke Chemical Club has been invited to participate in Seoul Fashion Week's trade show as a vendor this year.

Jungkook's influence in boosting the profiles of brands, whether they be in the food and beverage sector or the fashion industry, underscores the immense commercial power that popular K-pop idols wield. As fans across the globe continue to look to these stars for style and lifestyle inspiration, brands big and small vie for a nod from these influential figures. In the case of F8ke Chemical Club, a single endorsement has transformed its fortunes, cementing Jungkook's reputation as a trendsetter in the process.