In a surprising twist of royal dynamics, Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, is gaining significant popularity in the United States, potentially overshadowing his younger brother, Prince Harry, who has made America his home. As Prince William prepares to visit New York City for his Earthshot Prize initiative, recent polls suggest that the elder prince's reputation is soaring amongst American youth.

According to YouGov polls, Prince William ranks as the second most admired member of the British royal family in the U.S., trailing only behind his wife, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. Daisy Prince, an editor, has remarked that William is perceived as a "hero" in the United States, largely due to his unwavering commitment to environmental conservation. With environmental concerns resonating deeply with the Gen-Z demographic, Prince's Earthshot initiative, which focuses on addressing pressing environmental challenges, has undoubtedly bolstered his image. Prince noted the significance of this, stating that the "eco stuff is huge" with younger audiences. She believes that William's dedication to this cause will ensure he receives a "tremendously warm" reception during his visit.

However, while Prince William's reputation flourishes, Prince Harry's image faces challenges. The Duke of Sussex's memoir, titled "Spare," candidly delves into the complex relationship between the two brothers. In the book, Harry refers to William as his "beloved brother and archnemesis," highlighting the competitive nature of their bond. Harry's revelations in "Spare" have reportedly strained their relationship further, with sources suggesting that the chances of reconciliation between the two are slim in the near future.

Katie Nicholl, a royal biographer, commented on the rift, stating that Prince William remains deeply hurt by the portrayal in Harry's autobiography. The book recounts instances of physical altercations between the siblings, painting a stark contrast to the public's perception of their bond. Nicholl mentioned that the Duke of Cambridge is particularly upset about anecdotes that depict him in a negative light.

Despite the challenges, Prince Harry has carved out a life for himself in the U.S., finding independence and charting his own path. However, the lingering effects of his memoir and the subsequent media attention have undoubtedly impacted his relationship with his family, especially William.

The dynamics between the two brothers, once seen as inseparable, have evolved over the years. As Prince William's star continues to rise in the U.S., it remains to be seen how this will impact the already strained relationship between the royal siblings. With both princes actively involved in philanthropic endeavors and public engagements, the world watches closely, hoping for a reconciliation in the future.