The British Royal Family is experiencing yet another wave of public interest and scrutiny, as Prince William and Princess Kate face mounting pressures both in their public duties and private lives. Sources close to the royal couple reveal that the strain of an increased workload, along with personal disagreements, has led to heightened tension in their marriage.

During a recent royal tour in Singapore, Prince William reminisced about his previous visit with Kate, noting her absence due to commitments with their son Prince George's exams. This seemingly innocuous comment has sparked speculation about the state of their relationship. A source revealed, "William and Kate's marriage has really been tested... They could use the time apart."

The couple, who have always appeared united in the face of adversity, are reportedly facing challenges due to the constant public eye and the lingering fallout from Prince Harry's tell-all memoir, 'Spare.' The palace is said to be managing this by scheduling more solo engagements for each of them. "It's so bad behind the scenes, palace aides have been scheduling them more and more for separate engagements just so the two of them can cool off," the source added.

The shift in their public appearances is noticeable, with both engaging in more solo activities. William's apparent resentment of Kate's popularity has emerged as a point of contention, with the Prince reportedly preferring events where he doesn't have to share the spotlight. Their joint appearances, though less frequent, have sometimes been marred by dismissive remarks and noticeable tension.

Their disagreements extend to their family life as well, particularly over the education of their children. A significant bone of contention is the choice of school for Prince George. "Kate fought with him about this for years, but William seems to have won," says the source. Furthermore, Kate's reluctance to reconcile with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has been a source of dispute, with William reportedly eager to extend an olive branch.

Despite these challenges, the couple remains committed to their royal duties and, crucially, to their marriage. "Even when they're at odds, William and Kate still love each other," the source said. "And, as they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder."

Meanwhile, Prince Harry continues to embrace his new life in the U.S., as evidenced by his recent appearance at the 17th Annual Stand Up for Heroes Benefit. His lighthearted and comedic approach in a pretaped message marked a significant departure from the more restrained persona he maintained as a senior royal.

As William and Kate navigate this complex period, balancing intense public scrutiny with personal growth and evolving family dynamics, the world watches closely. The couple's journey underscores the unique challenges faced by modern royals, striving to honor their public roles while maintaining personal authenticity and harmony.

In Touch magazine spoke to the source.