Rapper Kanye West is back in the headlines, this time for a leaked snippet of a new song that references a relationship with a "Jewish b----," sparking fresh controversy given his past antisemitic comments. The snippet, shared by a content creator from the Middle East, surfaced as West reportedly records his new album with Ty Dolla $ign in Saudi Arabia.

In the leaked audio, West is heard rapping, "I just f----- a Jewish b----," followed by a line questioning, "How can I be antisemitic?" This reference comes after a tumultuous period for West, who faced significant backlash and severed ties with brands like Adidas over his past antisemitic remarks.

This new lyrical content has raised eyebrows, considering West's history of controversial statements. In 2022, West's career took a hit after a series of outbursts, including a tweet threatening to go "death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE." His comments led to widespread criticism and a notable decline in his public standing and business relationships.

West's erratic behavior continued as he appeared on Alex Jones' show, praising Adolf Hitler and denying the Holocaust, further alienating him from the public and business partners. His fall from grace led to a temporary retreat from the public eye, only to reemerge with new controversies, including an Instagram post about actor Jonah Hill reshaping his view of Jewish people.

The rapper's personal life has also been under scrutiny, notably his marriage to Kim Kardashian and their subsequent divorce. West's new relationship with Bianca Censori, who bears a resemblance to Kardashian, has been a topic of tabloid fascination. Recent reports suggest Censori's family is concerned about West's influence on her.

As West prepares to release his first album since his career faced severe setbacks due to his antisemitism scandal, the public and industry watchers are keenly observing his next moves. His collaboration with Ty Dolla $ign marks a critical juncture in his attempt to navigate the aftermath of his controversial past statements and actions.

Kanye West, known for his musical talent and tumultuous public persona, now finds himself at a crossroads, facing the consequences of his past while trying to forge a path forward in an industry that has become increasingly wary of his unpredictability.