The issue of BLACKPINK's contract renewal with YG Entertainment is generating more heat than other artists' activities under the same agency, even affecting stock prices. Despite continuous updates, there have been no significant changes in the situation. Cultural Daily first reported on November 20th that all four members of BLACKPINK agreed to continue group activities with YG Entertainment, while individual activity contracts remain undecided.

In response to these reports, YG Entertainment told, "Nothing has been confirmed yet. We are still in discussions."

Indeed, no decision has been made yet. If individual members plan to pursue solo activities outside of YG Entertainment, their status must be determined before addressing BLACKPINK's contractual matters. Prioritizing the group's contract is not feasible, as the priority of activities affects the interests of each company differently. Thus, prioritizing group activities without settling individual members' status is practically unprecedented.

For YG Entertainment, the highest priority this year is BLACKPINK's renewal. While the company has secured numerous idol IPs (Intellectual Properties), BLACKPINK remains the only active idol group without its own IP, significantly influencing YG Entertainment's future business directions. Therefore, YG is heavily invested in renewing BLACKPINK's contract, focusing on maintaining the group's existence and certain level of activity rather than disbandment.

However, each BLACKPINK member has different considerations. While there are advantages to group activities, each member also has strong aspirations to brand themselves individually, making it difficult to find a middle ground. The fewer number of members in BLACKPINK compared to other groups does not necessarily make finding consensus easier, as it involves accommodating differing opinions and potential compromises.

Consequently, YG Entertainment faces a deep dilemma. While the company seeks solutions for maintaining BLACKPINK as a group, the complex interplay of interests makes it challenging to swiftly resolve the renewal issue. It remains to be seen whether BLACKPINK can continue within the framework of YG Entertainment and maintain its title as a world-renowned girl group. The outcome of the renewal talks, the process, and its details are garnering significant attention.