Jin, a member of BTS, has made a remarkable achievement with his song 'The Astronaut', which has been #1 for an impressive 55 weeks on Argentina's popular radio channel, Vega Radio. The song recently secured the top spot on Vega Radio's 'KPOP TOP40 Ranking' with an astounding 95,010 votes, continuing its unprecedented record.

Vega Radio celebrated this milestone in October through their official Twitter account by sharing a YouTube video commemorating 'The Astronaut's 50 consecutive weeks at #1 on the KPOP TOP40, dedicating it to all ARMYs. The song's prolonged popularity and #1 position were analyzed by Vega Radio in August, stating, "We at Vega Radio believe 'The Astronaut' transcends the K-pop genre. It appeals to a wide range of music fans and will remain a popular song for a long time."

Moreover, Jin has also demonstrated his 'Radio King' status as 'The Astronaut' topped 'House Radio's Ranking House TOP30' in Mexico 15 times. The song also clinched the #1 spot in 'House Radio's Ranking House Summer Edition TOP30', shining as a global hit. Following Jin, the chart included renowned artists like Dua Lipa, Olivia Rodrigo, Taylor Swift, and Miley Cyrus.

Released on October 28 last year just before his military enlistment, 'The Astronaut' is Jin's first solo single and a Korean song co-composed and co-written with the global band Coldplay. It became the first solo single certified as a million-seller by the Korea Music Content Association (KMCA) and swept charts worldwide.

The music video for 'The Astronaut' set a new record in the 'Global YouTube Popular Music Video' category, holding the #1 position for 17 consecutive days, surpassing the previous K-pop solo record set by Jin's 'Super Tuna', which held the top spot for 16 days.

Furthermore, 'The Astronaut' maintained its popularity by entering the Billboard 'World Digital Song Sales Chart' at #9 on November 14, sustaining its position in the TOP 10 for two consecutive weeks. This milestone marks a significant achievement in K-pop solo history over the past decade.

'The Astronaut' debuted at #1 on the 'World Digital Song Sales Chart' upon its release, holding the position for three consecutive weeks - the longest for a K-pop solo artist in recent years.

Recently, 'The Astronaut' was included in Amazon Web Services' official playlist for AWS SKO 23, featuring legendary artists like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Queen. Jin's inclusion as the only Asian solo artist underscores his status as a top global soloist.