Amid the news of four BTS members, including leader RM, preparing for military enlistment, RM's recent updates have captured the attention of fans.

On November 29th, RM shared several photos with the caption "Let's smile a lot," revealing his recent activities. Among these photos, RM's past ID photo from when he had longer hair stirred curiosity among fans.

According to a report by Star News on November 29, RM, along with V, is set to enlist in a training center located in a remote area on December 11, commencing his military service. This post by RM has led to speculation that he may have undergone the mandatory physical examination at the Military Manpower Administration, as those who receive their enlistment notice must undergo a physical exam between 14 days to 3 days before their enlistment date.

Back in August, RM had revealed a new look with a short buzz cut, sparking rumors about his impending enlistment. At the time, RM clarified that he shaved his head due to the hot weather. Three months later, RM is now proceeding with his enlistment.

Following RM and V's enlistment, Jimin and Jungkook will also be joining the same basic military training center on December 12th. Among the BTS members, Jin was the first to start his military service in December last year, followed by J-Hope and Suga in April and September, respectively.