Melania Trump's attendance at Rosalynn Carter's memorial service has stirred controversy, with her former aide, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, accusing the former First Lady of using the event for self-promotion. Wolkoff, on a social media platform, criticized Trump for lacking "empathy, sincerity, nor any authenticity," and claimed that Trump sought attention and recognition first and foremost.

The memorial service, held on November 28, saw the presence of various former First Ladies, including Dr. Jill Biden, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Laura Bush. Melania Trump's choice to attend alone, without former President Donald Trump, raised eyebrows.

Donald Trump previously stated that he prefers to keep his wife away from the "nasty" and "mean" world of politics, yet he affirmed her support and imminent future appearances with him.

Trump's fashion choices, particularly her decision to wear a gray coat while others opted for darker outfits, also became a topic of heated online discussion. Conservative activist Brigitte Gabriel praised Trump on social media, sparking debate over the appropriateness and symbolism of her attire. While some social media users acclaimed her as the "best First Lady," others questioned her contributions and legacy.

The difference in perceptions was further highlighted by contrasting comments from Melania Trump's former aide and etiquette expert Diane Gottsman. While Wolkoff described the appearance as a "photo op" and akin to a "cat walk," Gottsman regarded Trump's outfit as "conservative and respectful," validating gray as an acceptable color for funerals.

The differing views on Melania Trump's appearance at the memorial reflect the ongoing debate about her public persona and the role of First Ladies. While some view her actions as self-serving, others see her as a figure of elegance and grace. This divergence of opinions underscores the complexities of public life and the scrutiny faced by figures in the political arena.

As the debate continues, the essence of Melania Trump's intentions and the impact of her appearance at the memorial service remain subjects of public speculation and discussion.