Meghan Markle has firmly denied leaking names of alleged 'racist royals' to author Omid Scobie for his contentious biography, "Endgame: Inside the Royal Family and the Monarchy's Fight for Survival".

The controversy erupted when the Dutch version of the book reportedly named King Charles and Princess Kate Middleton as the individuals who questioned Prince Archie's skin color. Sources close to Meghan clarified that she had no intention of making these names public, and the leak did not originate from her or her associates.

In the eye of the storm, Scobie has expressed his frustration, insisting that the final manuscript he approved did not include any names. He attributed the inclusion in the Dutch edition to a translation error. "The book I wrote, the book I edited, the book I signed off on, did not have names in it," Scobie stated in an interview, distancing himself from the controversial narrative that has dominated headlines.

Following the uproar, the Dutch edition of "Endgame" was swiftly pulled from circulation, and sales were halted in Holland. Piers Morgan, in a bold move, disclosed the names on his program, arguing that the British public deserved to be informed. This reveal has only fueled the controversy, leading to widespread media coverage and public debate over the alleged royal racism incident.

The Dutch translator, Saskia Peeters, contradicted Scobie's claim, stating that the names were present in the material she was given. This discrepancy has cast doubt on Scobie's narrative and raised questions about the book's editorial process.

Harry and Meghan
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had to deal with security issues since they moved to California.

The fallout from this revelation has put the Royal Family in a challenging position. They are reportedly considering their response, though legal action against Scobie seems unlikely. Amidst this chaos, royal experts and commentators are urging Harry and Meghan to publicly denounce the book and clarify their position on the issue. Security Minister Tom Tugendhat dismissed the entire episode as baseless rumors aimed at disparaging the royal family.

Despite Scobie's vehement denial of any conspiracy or publicity stunt motives, the mystery surrounding the appearance of these names in the Dutch edition persists. The incident has reignited discussions on race and the royal family, with media outlets and the public actively engaged in dissecting the implications of these allegations.

As the saga unfolds, Meghan's denial and Scobie's defense have not quelled the public's thirst for answers. The controversy has cast a shadow over the royal family, highlighting the delicate balance between public perception and private matters in the life of Britain's most scrutinized family.