Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, is facing a showdown with House Republicans, who have rejected his request for a public hearing and are insisting on a private deposition. The Republican chairmen of the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees, James Comer and Jim Jordan, are leading the charge, having subpoenaed Biden for a closed-door session.

They have countered Biden's attorney Abbe Lowell's proposal for a public testimony, asserting that Biden is seeking "special treatment" and trying to dictate the terms of the inquiry.

The GOP chairmen's demand for a private deposition aligns with their strategy to delve into Biden's business dealings and explore any potential ethical violations or influence on his father's official actions. Despite Hunter Biden's willingness to testify at a public hearing, Comer and Jordan have emphasized that the deposition will follow established practices of the House Committees, which typically start with a private session. They intend to videotape the deposition and release its transcript afterward, ensuring transparency.

Lowell has voiced concerns about the closed-door deposition, fearing manipulation and distortion of facts. He argues for a public setting where the proceedings are open and transparent. However, Comer and Jordan have dismissed this as an attempt to avoid the deposition, emphasizing that Biden must adhere to the subpoena without imposing his preferences.

The GOP's pursuit of Hunter Biden is part of a broader investigation into whether President Biden was aware of his family's business ventures and influenced potential deals that financially benefited his family.

They are also exploring whether sufficient grounds exist to draft articles of impeachment against the President. The Republican chairmen have cited evidence, including witness testimonies and an FBI form, that they believe implicates President Biden in a bribery scheme.

The case has become a focal point in the political battle between Democrats and Republicans. Democrats have criticized the GOP's refusal to accept a public hearing, suggesting it indicates a weak case against Hunter Biden. On the other hand, Comer defends the private deposition as a more efficient and thorough method of inquiry, promising to release transcripts unless they contain classified information.

As the December 13th deposition date approaches, Hunter Biden's attorney must confirm his client's attendance. This standoff between the GOP chairmen and Hunter Biden is a significant development in the ongoing political drama surrounding the Biden family, raising questions about transparency, fairness, and the partisan nature of congressional investigations.