YG Entertainment's new girl group BabyMonster recently revealed the behind-the-scenes of their debut music video screening for their digital single 'BATTER UP', showcasing their journey to global popularity.

On December 6, the group shared a video capturing the thrilling moments right before their official debut. Assembled in YG's monitoring room for the screening, BabyMonster members expressed their anticipation, saying, "We can't believe this moment is finally here. We are so nervous," and "We hope the video captures our hard work."

The screening of 'BATTER UP' was met with cheers and excitement from the group as they watched themselves on screen. Members were amazed at their individual scenes, praising each other's hip-hop vibe and synergy. During the group dance scenes, they couldn't hide their awe and laughter.

After the video ended, the members were still basking in the afterglow, remarking, "It ended too quickly. We should watch it in slow motion," showing their satisfaction and praising each other's efforts, indicating strong team spirit and warming the hearts of their fans.

To celebrate their long-awaited debut, a surprise party with a baseball-themed cake was also held. The members made adorable wishes and expressed their happiness, thanking fans worldwide, "Please continue to support and love us."

BabyMonster released 'BATTER UP' on October 27 and has since made a notable impression on various global charts. The song debuted on the Billboard Global 200 at 101st and entered the Billboard Global (Excl. U.S) chart at 49th, showcasing their strong presence as a 'monster rookie.'

Furthermore, the music video, infused with YG's signature hip-hop energy, received rave reviews and quickly topped YouTube's 'Most Viewed Videos in 24 Hours' upon release. It set a new record for K-pop group debuts with 22.59 million views in just one day, reached 50 million views in four days, and has now surpassed 70 million views.