G-Dragon (Kwon Jiyong), a 35-year-old singer from the group Big Bang, has become embroiled in contract rumors once again after his profile was removed from YG Entertainment (YG). While no official position has been stated, interest in his future moves continues.

Recently, G-Dragon was caught up in rumors of an exclusive contract with content company Galaxy Corporation. Galaxy Corporation, focusing on businesses like avatars and metaverse, recently hired former MBC PD Jang Hogi, who directed Netflix's "Physical: 100" Season 1, and appointed him as the CCO (Chief Content Officer) of content label 'Studio27,' signaling business expansion.

There were speculations that Galaxy Corporation might be looking to enter the K-pop business by signing G-Dragon, but the company has not responded to these contract rumors.

Some speculate that G-Dragon is still cautious due to his past 'drug allegations', despite all tests, including hair and nail samples at the National Forensic Service, coming back negative. He is believed to be taking a cautious approach as he has not completely shaken off the suspicions.

Even if he is ultimately cleared of the charges, concerns about image damage and related advertising contract issues remain. Particularly in the fashion industry, and especially with high-end brands, there are speculations that he might have to pay some penalties related to his advertising appearances, given the contract conditions. These situations seem to be under review.

In June, G-Dragon ended his nearly 20-year relationship with YG. At the time, YG stated, "G-Dragon's exclusive contract has expired. We are cooperating through separate contracts for advertising and other activities. We plan to discuss additional contracts when he resumes his music activities, and YG will not spare any support for this."

However, when G-Dragon was caught up in a drug scandal, YG distanced themselves, stating, "It is difficult to confirm as he is not a signed artist." Recently, G-Dragon's page was not updated on the official website, and he removed YG from his profile, signaling an unusual atmosphere.

As a 'heavyweight' not only in the K-pop market but also in the fashion industry, there were reports of numerous offers for G-Dragon after he entered the FA market. In September, there were rumors about a potential move to Warner Music Group.

Meanwhile, G-Dragon has recently stirred interest by posting a 'new song' video on his Instagram, hinting at a comeback. Whether this comeback will be his first project with a new company is drawing attention.