Senator Ted Cruz posited an intriguing theory on his podcast, "Verdict with Ted Cruz." Cruz envisaged a dramatic shift in the Democratic nomination process leading up to the 2024 presidential election, suggesting that the party might pivot away from President Joe Biden in favor of introducing Michelle Obama as their candidate.

Cruz outlined a "dangerous scenario" where, in August of 2024, Democratic "kingmakers" could sideline Biden and "parachute in Michelle Obama" as the new nominee. The Texas senator elaborated on the potential strategic benefits of this move, highlighting Michelle Obama's appeal to a critical segment of the Democratic base and her unique position to unify the party, as reported by OK magazine.

"Michelle Obama - number one, you don't infuriate African-American women, which is a critical part of the constituency the Democrats are relying on to win," Cruz explained.

This theory emerges amid whispers within Democratic circles, as reported by, about engaging in "secret back-channel talks" to persuade the former First Lady to run. These discussions reportedly gained momentum against the backdrop of rising poll numbers for Donald Trump and concerns about Biden's age and performance. An unnamed source suggested that a "draft Michelle" campaign is gaining traction, positing that her candidacy could transform a competitive race into a "landslide" victory.

However, not everyone is convinced by this speculative narrative. Karl Rove, a top Republican strategist and former deputy chief of staff to President George W. Bush, dismissed the notion of Michelle Obama stepping into the 2024 race. Speaking to Fox Business Network's "Varney & Co.," Rove pointed to Obama's expressed aversion to politics in her autobiography as evidence of her unlikely candidacy. "No - look, she hates politics. Read her autobiography," Rove asserted, adding, "She's not a political animal."

Rove also cautioned against underestimating the complexities that an Obama candidacy would entail, particularly the perception that it could be seen as an attempt by Barack Obama to secure a de facto third term. "People would say that's Barack trying to get a third term as president, and they wouldn't go for it," Rove argued, labeling the speculation as part of a "weird obsession of the conspiratorial right."

Talks of Michelle Obama Taking Over Biden's 2024 Election Campaign Go Viral on X

  "Biden will not be the Democratic nominee. Get ready for Michelle Obama." Vivek Ramaswamy wrote on X, formerly Twitter. "It is clear the democrats are running a take down of Biden. They are exposing his dementia and the fact that he is not running the country. They want Michelle Obama to replaces him as the nominee." Another X user said.




Amid these contrasting viewpoints, the Democratic National Convention looms on the horizon, scheduled for August 19 to 22, where the party's nomination will be formally decided. As speculation continues to swirl around the potential candidates and the direction of the Democratic party, the political landscape remains rife with uncertainty and intrigue.