In a surprising twist that has rekindled discussions about celebrity relationships and past feuds, a throwback video of Travis Kelce has resurfaced, casting a shadow over his current romance with Taylor Swift.

The video, dating back to 2016, features the Kansas City Chiefs tight end engaging in a light-hearted game of "Kiss, Marry, Kill" on AfterBuzz TV, where he notably did not choose Swift as his hypothetical spouse. Instead, Kelce expressed a preference for Katy Perry, stating, "Katy Perry is the one," while relegating Swift to a mere "kiss."

This revelation gains significance against the backdrop of Kelce's recent globe-trotting to support Swift during her "Eras" tour in Sydney, Australia. The athlete's choice in the game is intriguing, considering the well-documented rift between Swift and Perry, which has since been mended.

The feud, which began over a decade ago due to a dispute involving backup dancers, became a focal point in pop culture, inspiring Swift's hit "Bad Blood" and fueling widespread speculation about the nature of their relationship.

Despite the historical tension between Swift and Perry, the two pop icons have publicly reconciled, demonstrating a mature resolution to their past differences. Perry's attendance at Swift's Australian concert, where she enthusiastically sang along to "Bad Blood," symbolized the end of their discord. The two further solidified their newfound friendship by sharing mutual posts on social media, celebrating their reconciliation.

Kelce's candid response in the "Kiss, Marry, Kill" game, although made years before his relationship with Swift, adds a layer of complexity to the narrative surrounding celebrity relationships and the evolving dynamics between Swift and Perry. As Kelce navigates his current relationship with Swift, the resurfaced video serves as a reminder of the unpredictable and interconnected nature of celebrity interactions.

The journey from Kelce's playful game choice to his real-life involvement with Swift, against the backdrop of Swift and Perry's reconciled friendship, underscores the fluidity of personal and professional relationships in the public eye. As fans and observers digest this unexpected piece of Kelce's past, the focus remains on the present, where Swift and Perry's amicable rapport and Kelce's support for Swift during her tour highlight the capacity for growth and change in the landscape of celebrity relationships.