Juventus and France national team star, Paul Pogba, has been hit with a severe four-year ban from football after testing positive for a banned substance, casting a shadow over his illustrious career. The doping offense, which centers around the midfielder's increased testosterone levels, was detected following a routine test after Juventus' match against Udinese on August 20, 2023. Despite not participating in the game, Pogba, who was present on the bench, underwent testing that led to his provisional suspension by Italy's National Anti-Doping Organization (NADO Italia) in September.

The case against Pogba escalated when Italian prosecutors, adhering to the stringent guidelines of the World Anti-Doping Code, advocated for the maximum penalty in December. Such a sentence typically allows for reductions under specific circumstances, including unintentional doping or substantial cooperation with investigative authorities, none of which have been confirmed in Pogba's situation.

In response to the tribunal's ruling, sources close to the situation revealed that Pogba intends to contest the decision at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). The appeal represents a critical juncture for Pogba, whose return to Juventus in 2022 from Manchester United was marked by high expectations and a lucrative contract running until 2026. However, his tenure has been marred by persistent injuries, limiting his contributions on the field.


The doping scandal adds to a tumultuous period for Pogba, who has also been embroiled in a separate police investigation in France concerning alleged extortion attempts, involving his older brother Mathias among others.

Juventus, the Turin-based football powerhouse, has yet to issue a formal statement regarding the tribunal's decision. The club, along with the broader football community, awaits the outcome of Pogba's appeal with bated breath. Should the CAS uphold the ban, it could precipitate the termination of Pogba's contract with Juventus, a move that had already been rumored in the summer of 2023 due to the player's limited availability for selection.

Pogba's predicament underscores the rigorous enforcement of anti-doping regulations within professional sports and the profound implications such violations can have on athletes' careers and reputations. As the case progresses to the CAS, the football world watches closely, anticipating the final verdict on one of the sport's most high-profile doping cases in recent years.